Director's Message

I am extremely grateful to God that he fulfilled my dreams and aspirations. He blessed me with education, thereafter gave me an opportunity to educate. In his scheme of things he chose me to serve the society by establishing and managing quality education of youth through Tagore Group of Institutions.

I have dreams, some already materialized, the others are in progress and many in pipeline and God willing with the help of wonderful support team many dream achievements would be realized in near future.

(Being impressed, influenced and inspired by the personality, creativity and educational philosophy of Gurudev Ravindra Nath Tagore). I centered my work pattern on the all-round development of the students under my care and control and my aim was to develop their total personality inspiring them to inculcate Sanskar, Cultural consciousness, community skills, mutual respect, and academic excellence as their habit.

I am proud of my team of Tagore Adarsh P.G. College who is always with me through thick and thin with dedication and devotion in managing the College. My success can be attributed to the careful selection of dedicated, devoted, painstaking, loyal and creative co-workers who have the capability, talent and burning desire to achieve our common goal.

In the end I would like to share my philosophy of life that besides his loving care, God has equipped us with two internal powers-creative imagination and willpower. Activate these two powers and proceed on with faith in God and confidence in yourself, you will surely succeed. Remember, God is always with you to help in all your good objectives and plans.

P.D. Singh