General Rules


Discipline is the synonymous of the Tagore tradition. Every care is taken to maintain an ideal discipline and to make it a primary part of our culture. We believe that nothing sustentative can be achieved without a true spirit of discipline. In fact ,our academic environment is nurtured on discipline .This happens to be the fore most trait to enable us To impart quality education and to produce meritorious results. The entire code of conduct requires an absolute sense of obedience and subordination to the Principal and the Faculty concerned .However any act of indiscipline ,misconduct or irresponsible behavior will invite strict disciplinary action, including expulsion from the college.

It is restricted to bring mobile to the college .It has to be followed seriously and strictly.
It is mandatory for students to carry their college ID card daily to the college.

Ragging the very word sounds alien in the healthy and harmonious Tagore alumni tradition and ragging is given a big “NO” over here. The demon of ragging and the dread caused by it are kept far from the College Campus. We follow in word and spirit the Hon’ble Court’s venerable decision in this regards.


(I) Every student is required to attend all the lectures, practical and other prescribed curricular co-curricular activities. The attendance can be condoned up to 25% on medical grounds or for other genuine reasons beyond the control of students. In the case of absence on medical ground, a student must submit the medical certificate.
(II) No students will be allowed to appear in the examination if he/she does not satisfy the over all average attendance requirements as prescribed by University of Rajasthan. Jaipur.
(III) The attendance should be counted from the date of admission in the college or start of academic session whichever is later.
(IV) The name of a student who remains absent without intimation for 10 days continuously, will be struck off from the college.

  • Students are allowed to work on computer or in the lab during the college hours/time only.

  • Personal Floppy/CD/PD will not be allowed on.

  • Computer Lab must not be misused.

  • Lab coat is mandatory.

  • Chemicals and instrument should handle with care.

  • Any damage will be recovered from the concerned student.


At the time of admission two Library card will be issued to each student by the Librarian That can only be used by the student to lend the book from the library.

  • student who loses Library card shall lodge a written complaint of the same to the Librarian. Duplicate Card will be issued only after complete verification and paying the prescribed fee. The member shall be responsible for any misuse of the Lost Borrower’s ticket.

  • The student can retain the books with them for a period of fortnight(15 days) only. Over due books will be charged with stipulated fine.

  • Personal belongings are not allowed and may be kept at the counter provided at the entrance of the Library.

  • Strict discipline has to be maintained and absolute silence has to observe in the Library

  • Use of mobile is strictly prohibited inside the Library.

  • Admission in the Library can only be given through College ID Card.

  • Library Cards are non transferable


Students are advised to take all notices displayed on the notice board of their respective Departments for information and compliance. Faliure to read the notice displayed will not accepted as an excuse for its non compliance.


The following activities of the student in the college will be treated as a serious offence and can also result in the expulsion of the student from the college without any notice.

  • Use of mobile phones.

  • Encouraging and participating in ragging of any type.

  • Forcible disruption of classes.

  • Destruction of college properties like furniture, walls, fencings etc.

  • Misbehavior shown towards fellow friends, teachers and employees of this college.

  • Forwarding any type of wrong information to the college authority.

  • Any other unlawful activity, unappreciated social act or violation of College rules and Indian legal system.

Note 1: All powers are vested with the Principal; her decision shall be final and binding.

Note 2: All disputes pertaining to college and its functioning shall fall within the jurisdiction of Jaipur only.

Note 3: Examinations are conducted by University of Rajasthan, Jaipur. Any dispute related to examination will be only the liability of University of Rajasthan, Jaipur and will not be related to the college in any sense.